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Reduce skin inflammation, diminish scars, and alleviate joint pain with our Joint & Muscle Relieving Torch  Light. Innovative LED red light therapy technology is integrated into the Muscle Relieving LED Light which has been proven to mitigate soreness and a variety of skin conditions. Whether it’s wrinkled skin, dark patches, or blemishes constantly popping up, our LED Skin Therapy Light will put your problems to bed.


The light is 100% safe and painless so don’t worry about any burning sensations or discomfort while using the LED Light Torch. An aluminum alloy shell casing adds durability to the Torch Light making it resilient enough to withstand damage for years.

Key Features

  • Uses 660nm red light and 850nm infrared light
  • Can be used for skin inflammation, scarring, wrinkles, blemishes, and more
  • Small compact size you can travel with anywhere
  • Improves blood circulation around stiff muscles and joints

Alleviate all your muscle pain with the Joint & Muscle Relieving Torch Light and order yours today!

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The LED red light therapy bulb kit comes with an optional mounting clip, ensure you to enjoy the red light therapy either at home or at office, even during a traveling journey.

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