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Hair Growth Ion Hair Comb promotes blood circulation, often comb the hair, curl the meridians, and improve hair nutrition; When you feel brain tired, comb your hair for a few minutes, you will feel relaxed and relaxed. Organize messy hair to eliminate natural hair loss during the rest period. The sebum is spread through the hair to make it shiny.

The facial brush head of this Facial Deep Cleansing Brush exfoliating brush for deep cleansing of the skin, removing dead skin and dirt. The sensitive soft brush for dry or sensitive skin to avoid redness on the face. Sponge head helps skin fully absorb moisturizing skin. Silicone massage head to reduce fine lines and wrinkles for younger, firmer skin.


Manual point control of our cordless water flosser allows you to spray manually, for more precise and controlled cleaning. The upgraded full opening detachable water tank can thoroughly clean the scale and plate, which is impossible for ordinary oral irrigators. Hassle-free to fill the water multiple times .

The Majestic Cleansing Brush marks a radical new approach to skincare by combining thermal-sonic pulses to effectively cleanse your skin with a non-abrasive silicone brush that remains totally soft and pleasant to use on the face. With built-in magnetic wireless charging, 8 different vibration speeds, and spa-level thermal massage, this smart, travel-friendly, compact, and waterproof design cleaning brush is a must-have for your daily skincare routine.

Keep your complexion radiant, smooth, and soft with the help of our Portable Electric Facial Beauty Scrubber!  You can toss out your washcloths and body scrubbers as this electric facial cleanser wipes away dead skin and prevents acne at the same time.

This Callus Remover Has No Harmful Blade and Roller surface to damage your skin. Perfect handle design for comfortable holding. Double speed of the soft and strong controls to remove calluses and the hard skin easily in minutes to have good looking, elegant, and sexy feet professional pedicure foot care tool has 2 selectable speeds.

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