Why NASA Uses Red Light Therapy in Space

  • By - Smirk Smile
  • 09 August, 2021

Why NASA Uses Red Light Therapy in space? The reason is simple, without this type of light it would be very difficult to monitor the activities on the International Space Station. Many different experiments take place here that enable scientists to learn more about how our lives work in zero gravity. Without the red light, some of these experiments simply could not go on.

Red light therapy is one of the most useful types of low-light conditions NASA uses on the space station. This therapy is used for research and for reliving the stressful situations astronauts face in their missions. By using the red light therapy you are able to sleep at night and thus will feel refreshed when the next day begins. The light that comes from the therapy helps you stay awake during the day so the astronauts can see what they are doing during the day without having to disturb anyone else sleeping in the same room.

There are various different types of therapy that NASA uses on the space station. Some of these are extremely common sense and are very easy to understand. Some of these include; having fresh air circulating around you because the oxygen that comes out of space helps to refresh your body. Also, the red light allows you to see better in the dark because the light stimulates your retinas. You will find that most of these treatments take place in the dark because if you did this on Earth it would be impossible for you to do without lighting.

In order to use these treatments NASA has developed a system that can be used on earth as well. This is called the red-angels and black-channels tiles. The reason that NASA uses this type of system is simple, if you used only one colour on earth then you would not be able to use it to light up inside of a space ship.

One reason why NASA uses red light therapy inside of the space station is to help them with studying. They have cameras on the space station that are capable of taking colour pictures. These pictures are extremely helpful because they can help researchers learn about how different environments can affect the human mind and this in turn can help us build better robots and better worlds for our descendants in the future. Why wouldn't we want to better resemble the sun, when it comes to artificial intelligence? Why would we want to send robotic spaceships that are made up almost entirely of red brick, when it is possible for us to build more sophisticated artificial intelligent robotic systems?

Now, back to why NASA uses red light on the space station; is this just to spice up life in the space station or do they really need this therapy? Many people think that life in space is nothing more than a bunch of boring green pixels but when you stop to think about all of the amazing things that nature does, including the lighting that it uses to capture the colours of those creatures, it is no surprise that these men and women are wondering if we can use this to better prepare our astronauts for long-term travel. It has already been demonstrated that blue light can be used effectively to treat some psychological disorders so why not use red light as well? There is no question that there are definite benefits to using this form of treatment, so instead of writing off this therapy as unnecessary, why not consider it as a potential way to prepare our astronauts for long-term space travel.

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