LED Light Therapy Vs IPL

  • By - Smirk Smile
  • 03 August, 2021

There are many different forms of laser light therapy treatments available today. Many patients prefer LED light therapy because of the decreased recovery time and minimal discomfort that it provides. In comparison to IPL, the recovery time is significantly reduced, while the level of discomfort is not as severe. In addition to these benefits, there are few risks involved in either form of treatment, which makes this an ideal option for most people.

The LED light therapy process works by using artificial blue lights, or "red lights", to treat acne and other skin disorders. The light is placed directly on the affected area, which causes the skin to swell up and improve. Because of this effect, LED light therapy is commonly used for microdermabrasion and for removing scar tissue. The lights cause the surface of the skin to produce tiny particles that are absorbed into the treated area, providing a calming effect without any of the discomfort often associated with intense pulsed light.

This form of light therapy is also preferred by many dermatologists, who like its convenience. This option allows patients to have their treatments done at home, so that they can get immediate results. Patients can schedule appointments according to their own schedules, and they do not have to make several trips to a clinic. They do not have to drive to work during their treatments, which is often a lengthy commute in some cases. Patients are able to get quick relief from their skin disorders, which can help them regain their vitality and sense of self-worth.

The options and possibilities offered by LED light therapy are quite vast. This is because there are many different skin disorders that can be treated using this method. Different types of skin conditions, such as acne scars, age spots, stretch marks, fine lines, wrinkles, pigmentation disorders, and sun damage, can all be treated using these lights. Individuals who experience pain or tenderness in their skin after having certain procedures performed on their skin with standard lasers can also find relief when they use this method.

The recovery time for LED light therapy is also fairly short. The sessions generally last anywhere between fifteen and thirty minutes, and the skin can be feeling back to normal by the end of the session. This shorter period of recovery time is what makes LED therapy a great choice for those looking for a way to get rid of unwanted body hair. For many people, they are able to return to their normal daily activities immediately after the treatment has ended.

Some individuals may be concerned about the side effects associated with IPL and LED light therapy. One of the main concerns is that the light emitted by these devices can cause sunburn in some people. However, this is not a major concern with the use of the LED lights as compared to IPL. The LED light emits no UV rays, so the skin will not be damaged in the process. It is also important to note that the LED light used for this procedure is the same light that medical lasers used to treat various skin disorders and other ailments.

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