Does Red Light Therapy Work For Weight Loss ?

  • By - Smirk Smile
  • 17 August, 2021
The use of red light therapy for weight loss has been around for years, but many people are still unfamiliar with the facts. There is actually no clear cut evidence that shows that this kind of therapy works at all, though there are those who have seen great results and testimony to support their claims. For now we will try to go into what the red light therapy is and how it can help you lose weight without the use of surgery or dangerous pills.

First of all, as a quick definition, the therapy is using a red light to encourage the body to burn calories faster and easier. There are two types of this kind of light, the regular red light and the infrared light. This is the kind of therapy, which most people are familiar with and which they use when trying to lose weight by burning calories. There are also other forms of this therapy, such as the monochromatic light which simply means that each eye gets a totally different shade of red. These types of therapies are not commonly used for losing weight.

So, what does this mean exactly when does red light therapy work for weight loss? As you may not know, the main purpose of this therapy is to make your metabolism work faster and boost your energy levels so that it will burn more calories. At the same time it helps the body rid itself of toxins and fat. These two factors combined allow you to lose weight more effectively and in a much shorter period of time. Though you must be very careful when using these types of lights because too much of either can cause harm to your eyes.

So how do you know if red light therapy will work for you? This works best when combined with other kinds of therapy and used in conjunction with proper diet and exercise. Though the results are great, it does take some time to reach your desired weight. If you go on a fast and strict diet during the first few months then the effects may not be as dramatic. If you take things slowly and watch your nutrition then the results can be drastic in a short period of time.

One common problem people experience with red light therapy is sleeping disorders. This can be especially dangerous because it may make you restless while you are asleep and even result in sleep apnea. These side effects happen because the body's natural circadian rhythms are interrupted by the light. If you notice that your snoring increases after starting this therapy then you should consult your doctor immediately so that you can adjust it.

If you notice any strange side effects then you should contact your doctor immediately so that he can adjust it or give you a different therapy.

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